President Hichilema’s speech inspiring-PSDA


President Hichilema’s speech inspiring-PSDA

THE Private Sector Develop- ment Association (PSDA) has described President Hakainde Hichilema’s speck delivered during his inauguration as in- spiring.

Association chairperson Yu- suf Dodia said the speech was tailored to respond to the needs of the young people who voted in large numbers in the August 12, 2021 general elections.

He recalled that prior to the elections, many youths cried for job opportunities which President Hichilema and the party have committed to ad- dress.

Mr. Dodia has therefore ad- vised the new administration to pay attention in stabilising the economy and lowering the cost energy.

He lamented that the cur- rent cost of electricity has been contributing to the high cost of living.

And Mr. Dodia has urged President Hichilema’s admin- istration to consider marketing skills development as an im- portant job.

He observed that develop- ing skills has not been properly marketed to the young people in Zambia.

Mr. Dodia noted that skills development is often looked down upon by many young people and considered not to be important.

He explained that most young people are programmed to think that white collar jobs are more important that skills.

Mr. Dodia said when he fea-

tured on ZNBC TV-2 that there is need to change the mind-set of young people in the country concerning the need of acquir- ing of skills.

He observed that skills de- velopment is highly valued in western countries and was earning many young people a lot of money.

Mr. Dodia has since implored the Ministry of Higher Educa- tion to take keen interest in marketing skills development in the country.

He said Zambia will easily develop if more young people graduated with artisan skills.

Mr. Dodia pointed out that most countries in the west are developed because of embrac- ing skills development. – ZANIS



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