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Young people must allow their passion to push them to do many things in order to realize their dreams, says young and ambitious Lukaki Malitoli, a psychologist and budding make up artist.

Lukaki is the sole owner of Royal Glam, a make up and fashion  business which she established  last year in mid July.

She shares her experience in the following interview with The Lusaka Sun  as she urges youths to always work hard and stay focused.

Who is Lukaki Malitoli?

I am a 23 year old young Christian  woman,  a last born daughter  in a family of  four. We are  three  girls and one boy. I  have been bought up by a single mother who has played a huge role in my growth and education .

I currently finished studying for my first degree at the University of Zambia in Educational Psychology. 

 Tell us about your business and how you set up Royal Glam.

Well, firstly I am a passionate advocate of Make up as an art and fashion. I launched and started up Royal Glam mid July  2018 as my own business. Starting up  make up as business was not easy due to  how the make up industry is rapidly  growing in Zambia  but my passion  did not stop me from starting and building my own  brand.  Seeing that make up is something that I really enjoy doing, I  would love to grow it as part of my future desires and goal.

How did you manage to set this up since you are young?

 Being young and setting up a business was challenging financially,  mentally and basically in all aspects  because the clientele base was hard to build up and the competition is stiff among people in the same field of interest but being a spiritual young lady, of course prayer, trusting God  and faith was a breakthrough for me and my business. Being in an area of full of students it was easy to market myself and showcase my skills to fellow students which led to creating a platform on social media for marketing purposes and advertisement  as well . 

     As time went by, while growing in the art, the business continues to grow and flourish.

What are your plans?

Part of my  long term plan is to use this business venture  to empower young women by creating job opportunities through make up and  educate them on the beauty of it.

I believe Zambia has a lot of talent to work in this field of art just like it is in the western world .

Finally, what other things are you doing?

  I am  currently running make up classes for women of all age groups to help them learn more about make up and fashion. Apart from Make up, these classes also try to help youths on how to start up small businesses and how to grow in them.


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