Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Copper Queens face Ireland’s test 

THE Zambia national women’s soccer team preparations for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will come under scrutiny when the Bruce Mwape-drilled Copper Queens date World Cup bound Republic of Ireland in today’s international friendly slated for Tallaght Stadium in Dublin.

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How to Live Your Best Life Starting Today

As human beings, one of our deepest-rooted desires is to have a meaningful and happy existence. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Live your best life.” It’s good advice.

6 Essential Mindsets For Continuous Career Growth

It is critically important to accept that there are no shortcuts to success. When you can consistently bring the best you have each day, you will know how to excel in your career and how to have a success future. To excel at work: Be humble. Be caring. Go the extra mile. Be a listener. Be a life-long learner. Bring consistency of effort.




DESPITE Government’s pledge to treat all sports federations equally, some senior sports administrators have observed that sports federations do not receive the same attention and support from the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Sports.

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Why You Need Spirituality Goals To Enhance Your Life

As humans, we are not only made up of the physical that can be seen and touched, but there are also other immaterial aspects that exist beyond the physical lifespan of the human body. These may include soul, spirit, intellect, will, energy, emotions, conscience, and more.



Kaira who is also a fourth year student at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University (LMMU) said advocacy is a selfless journey that calls for passion, dedication and consistency. He said it was a journey worth admiring but with a lot of challenges along the way.

Nadia Nakai shares last text messages with AKA, which he never got to read

AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai has expressed her grief on social media, admitting to fans she was still struggling to come to terms with the rapper’s tragic death.

‘Please can someone undo this’ – Nadia Nakai shares emotional post one month after AKA’s murder

One month ago, the country reacted with shock following the gruesome murder of multi-award winning artist, Kiernan “AKA“ Forbes.

AKA murder: Cele says police have collected data from several phones to aid investigation

Police Minister Bheki Cele has provided an update on the AKA murder investigation, saying police have collected several cellphones to get data that will assist in solving the murder of the award-winning rapper.

“If I am getting killed, it’s them”: fans think AKA prophesied his death

As music fans from all corners of the world immerse themselves in Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’s new music album “Mass Country”, distinct views have surfaced, leading to more speculation about his death.


Churches have been handed a big relief after the High Court stopped the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from demanding tax on tithes, donations and offerings without exemptions.