THE hope from every Zambian is that the new govern- ment should live up to expectations. Even those who did not vote for the UPND are also hopeful of an improved livelihood under the new government of President Hakainde Hichilema.
It is therefore not surprising that various stakeholders have been quick to remind the Hichilema administration of their campaign promises and the huge expectations from the people.
The small-scale farmers are among those hoping to get some benefits through a reduction in the price of fertiliser. The farmers have pleaded with Government that whatever benefit will accrue to the farming sector, should be implemented before the onset of rains so that they plan accordingly.
The current price of feritiliser at more than K700 is costly and discourages farmers from expanding their hectarage of cultivation. It is therefore hoped that should prices be reduced, then the farmers can increase their crop production.
A Chikankata-based small-scale farmer Chimuka Malambo said the new Government should quickly re- capitalise the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ), to boost production and ensure the reduction of fertiliser prices which currently are paged at over K700 per 50kg bag.
He said the farming season for many local farmers who depend on rains is fast approaching, with expectant farmers wondering if the reduction will be effected this farming season.
While farmers are within their rights to voice out their expectations, it is however prudent that the adminis- tration is given ample time to put right policies through which such expectations could be implemented. It is af- ter all in the administration’s best interest if farmers are able to produce more maize to ensure food security for the nation.
We believe it is just a matter of time before the full cabi- net is put in place and office bearers start working.
Already, President Hichilema has shown that the new administration is indeed capable to keeping some of the national values like maintaining the country’s Christian nation status .
Yesterday, President Hichilema opened up State House to all Christians as he prayed with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and assured that every Christian believer would be welcomed.
We believe that this is within the spirit of maintaining not only one of the core values of the nation, but ensur- ing that Zambians remain united under the national mot- to of One Zambia, One Nation.
It must also have come as a pleasant surprise that the President affirmed Zambia’s status as a Christian nation. The apprehension that some church leaders had ex- pressed during campaigns, have surely being dispelled.
Yesterday, President Hichilema reaffirmed that Zam- bia will remain a Christian nation and that State House will be open to all churches because the body of Christ is one.
President Hichilema said he would like to go beyond the declaration of Christian nation by living and practis- ing it.
“We are a Christian nation and we shall remain so. But we should actually live like Christians and not pronounce it by word of mouth only. We need to live it, walk it, dream it and relate to each other like true Christians,” President Hichilema said.
“State House will be open to all churches because Christ is one. All are welcome including non-Christian churches. We are one, Jesus Christ never came here to divide us,” he said.
With this assurance that Zambia will indeed remain a Christian nation, the citizens should give the administra- tion time to organise itself before demanding that cam- paign promises be fulfilled.



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