Kalumbila chief appeals for police post



CHIEF Matebo of the Kaonde people in Kalumbila district has appealed to Government to build a police post in his chiefdom.

The traditional leader said there was an increase in crime in his area due to lack of police presence and called for urgent action to redress the situation.

Chief Matebo said his subjects were forced to cover long distances to access police services at Mutanda police post and Meheba police post.

“I want to appeal to the Government to help us with a police post in my area because we want peace in the chiefdom.

“I don’t want violence in this chiefdom and I want to appeal to the youth not to be used as tools of violence and whoever will start violence must be arrested and prosecuted,” Chief Matebo said.

The traditional leader said building a police post in the area would help prevent crime especially as the country heads towards the August 12 general elections.

Chief Matebo said the clash between UPND cadres and police in Kitwe during the Youth Day celebrations was regrettable.

He has appealed to young people in his area not to fall into the same trap because the long arm of the law will smoke them out.

Meanwhile, Chief Matebo has praised Government for the many development projects and empowerment programmes being implemented in his area.

“On behalf of my people, we are saying a big thank you to President Edgar Lungu and we want to see more projects and more of the youth empowerment coming to Matebo chiefdom,” he said.



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