Zambians protest brutality




TWINNING of Zambia’s Southern Province and Mashonaland west province in Zimbabwe is not bearing any fruits as Zimbabwean security officials have continued harassing Zambian fishermen on Lake Kariba, Senior Citizen Benson Tembo has said.

He said Zambians were being brutalized for jumping the imaginary boundary on the manmade lake instead of the two authorities settling such matters with mutual respect.

Mr Tembo said the twinning of the two regions was not benefiting the country in any way and therefore should be cancelled to send a clear message to Harare that Zambians were not happy with the happenings on Lake Kariba.

He said the people along Lake Kariba who depend on fishing for their livelihood had hoped that the twinning of the two provinces would bring peace on the shared water body.

Meanwhile, Mr Tembo has called on Government to engage Zimbabwe over the brutal behaviour of soldiers who are manning the Lake.

He said that the Zimbabwean soldiers were crossing into the Zambian territory on the lake to arrest innocent fishermen.

Mr Tembo said the foreign soldiers were demanding bribes from innocent Zambian fishermen before releasing them.



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