Solwezi Council to give gifts to workers


Solwezi Municipal Council has launched a code of conduct to promote high standard of professionalism amongst municipal council staff.

the code of conduct promotes the fight against corruption through ethics, gifts and benefits policy as well as service charter.

Solwezi Municipal Council Mayor, Lemmy Kalepa said the three

documents will deter council staff from conflict of interest and eventually maintain high level of integrity and public trust.

“The service charter will improve service delivery, internal work flow and enhance our relationship with the general public while the gift policy will deter workers from conflict of interest,” the Mayor said.

He said the documents outline the obligations of the council regarding the service that they render and their clients’ obligation regarding the service received.

And in his opening remarks, Solwezi Town Clerk, Bonwell Luanga explained that the purpose of the three documents was to curb practices that promote corruption.

Mr Luanga said the documents will also promote service delivery by the council for the satisfaction of customers who support the council through remitting of Tax.

And Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) representative Ivo Mukwanka commended Solwezi Municipal council for working towards curbing of corruption.

Mr Mukwanka said the quest by Solwezi Municipal Council to curb corruption is in line with the agenda of the new dawn government.

He disclosed that the Commission facilitated for the formation of integrity committees in both public and private institutions and that so far 118 have been formed.

“The integrity committee is a tool that helps staff to follow accepted behavior at an institution”, Mr Mukwanka said.




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