A 42 year old Man of Kapembe village in senior Chief Sikufele’s chiefdom has died after drowning in Chifuwe stream in Manyinga district.

North-Western Province Commissioner of Police, Fred Mulenga confirmed this development in an interview.

Dr Mulenga said the incident is  reported to have occurred between 6th and 7th November,2021 around 14: 00 hours.

He said the drowning case of a male Justin Mundongo aged 42 of Kapembe village in senior chief Sikufele’s chiefdom was reported to Manyinga police station by a relative Joseph Mundongo aged 41 of the same village.

“This incident is believed to have occurred between 6th and 7thNovember according to a report received by Police yesterday,” Dr Mulenga said.

Dr Mulenga added that the deceased died suddenly after he was found drowned in Chifuwe stream of Manyinga district around 20 hours

He said that upon the receipt of the report, Police rushed to the scene where the body of the deceased was found already retrieved from the stream with small cuts in the eyes and right leg.

“Our Officers who rushed to the scene found the body of the deceased laying in his house and upon inspection it was discovered that the deceased sustained small cuts in his eyes and the right legs” he said.

And Manyinga District Commissioner, Kenneth Chinyama also confirmed receiving a report of the same incident and he described it as a sad development.

Mr Chinyama has since appealed to law enforcement officers to thoroughly investigate the matter.

“Yes I have been briefed by the officer in charge of Police, but for now we leave it to the police to conclude their investigations,” he said.

However, other sources and eye witnesses said the deceased could have died after excessive drinking from a nearby village and that he could have lost control and drowned in the stream on his way back home.

 Since the body was already in a decomposed state the family members were advised to bury as soon as possible.

However, Police have since commenced investigations in the matter as foul play is suspected.



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