… stolen items found, minus vital documents but with unserved search warrant in the bag


SOME of the items stolen from Amos Chanda were found near the Railway clinic in Lusaka yesterday where they were apparently thrown, including a search warrant which had not been served on him.

Mr Chanda in an interview said that a student at Evelyn Hone college,  ModestaKaladis called him to alert him of the discovery that she had made.       

He said he was shocked to find a search warrant inside the recovered bag when the document had not been served on him or any of his family member.

Mr Chanda  wondered how a warrant which was not served to him by the ACC was found in the bag which was stolen from his vehicle.

He said the things that were found include a Driver’s license, Passport and voters card which were intact with  two title deeds.

He however said that he did not find the K64, 000, Laptop, IPad, documents with  government emblem, any private contractual documents and employment records which vanished after the illegal search by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

“This warrant is part of the recovered items; money, laptop, iPad and documents with any government emblem; any private contractual documents, employment records, are all missing,” he said. 

He said he found the incident shocking because the this  happened after a violent search was conducted on his premises. Mr Chanda said that ACC confirmed that they had not served the warrant but that he was shocked that the same warrant was stashed in the recovered  bag. He said that he was therefore ready to take the due course of the law because he felt the move was not normal.

“I want to tell you that I’m not above the law but neither am I  below it, so there is need to ensure that justice prevails,” he said.

Mr Chanda said that he was convinced that some officers that searched his premises in the past were the ones that masterminded the break in .

“They did not serve me with that warrant which was found in my bag so your guess is as good as mine. Someone from that institution must have been involved,” he said.



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