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ABOUT 216 suspected illegal immigrants have been apprehended by the Immigration Department in the last week.

Immigration public relations officer, Namati Nshinka said officers at Chirundu Border Control apprehended thirty-six suspected illegal immigrants during spontaneous road checks carried out in the late hours of Monday.

Mr Nshinka said those apprehended were 23 Congolese and 13 Zimbabweans and were currently detained pending screening and further formalities.

He also said the Immigration Officers at Kasumbalesa Border Control in the late hours of Sunday, October 10th apprehended 27 suspected illegal immigrants during a routine operation conducted within the border area.

“Those apprehended were 14 Tanzanians, 10 Congolese,  02 Somalis and 01 Zimbabwean. They are detained at Kasumbalesa Police Post where they are undergoing screening,” Mr Nshinka said.

He said the total number of persons apprehended for immigration offences between October 5th and 11th, 2021 was 216. 

And Mr Nshinka said the Chadiza Immigration Office had secured the conviction of three Malawians, Amon Samuel Banda (31), Nelson Zulu (42) and Watson Agostino (37) for unlawful entry into Zambia.

He said the trio were arrested on   October 6, 2021 at Manje in Chadiza as they were selling dry Kapenta.

“This was after they failed to produce documentation to prove their legal immigration status in Zambia. They appeared before the  Magistrate Court in Chadiza on  October 8, 2021 where they were each sentenced to pay a fine of K 2,000 or in default 15 months simple imprisonment.

“They are currently serving their sentence at Namuseche Correctional Facility having failed to pay the court fines.  This brings the number of convictions secured by the Department between 5th and 11th October, 2021 to 61,” said Mr Nshinka. 

Meanwhile, at Katima-Mulilo Border Control, Mr Nshinka said the Immigration received 23 Zambians who were removed from Namibia for illegally entering and staying in that country on October 7, 2021.

“This brings the number of Zambians removed from other countries for breaching foreign laws to 31 with 08 other Zambians having been received by Immigration Officers at Kariba Border Control after being removed from Zimbabwe for illegal entry and illegal fishing,” he said.



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