Minister warns Sean Tembo


Minister warns Sean Tembo


PATRIOTS for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo should not take advantage of the freedom of expression being provided by the UPND government to instigate treasonable behaviour among youths with his speeches of hate, Minister of Youth and Sports Elvis Nkanduhas said.


Mr. Nkandu said the calls by Mr Tembo for youths to block President Hakainde Hichilema from featuring on a programme at Radio Phoenix was treasonable and should be condemned.

“People should not abuse the freedom that the government is giving,” he said.

Mr Tembo reportedly called on youths to block the Great East Road yesterday so as not to allow the President to feature on a phone-in programme at Radio Phoenix.

Mr Nkandu said President Hichilema and the UPND government had promised to provide platforms for the people to interact and have a chance to be heard. That is why he is actualising that by featuring on phone-in programmes.

He said the government wanted to engage with the people by telling them where they were then and where they were going to take them.

Mr. Nkandu urged youths not to listen to people who are trying to mislead them into engaging in activities that will sabotage Government efforts to actualise the promises they made.

He also said youths should be patient with the government because it has good plans for them

Mr. Nkandu said the youts would smile after the presentation of the national budget because the government had put in place things that were going to create employment for them.

He said people should understand that the government was still using the budget that was done by the previous regime and once their own budget was done things would start to happen.

“By the time the national budget is out people are going to smile and say that this is the government we have been waiting for,” Mr Nkandu said.


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