NORTH-WESTERN Province Permanent secretary Willies Manjimela has urged commodity companies to supply inputs early to mitigate the adverse effects of the corona virus pandemic.

He said during the previous season Nyimba was able to supply and deliver inputs early, a move that resulted intro the area recordinga bumper harvest.

Mr Manjimela said this in Solwezi when Nyimba Investments Head Sales and Marketing Manager Willings Mulenedama paid a courtesy call on him.

He said it was particularly important to supply anddeliver inputs early in the wake of the corona virus.

Mr Manjimela said duringthe 2019/20 season, the province was able to record a bumper harvest because ofthe timely delivery of inputs. He said the timely delivery of inputs was inline with President Edgar Lungu’s desire of growing the agriculture sector.

 “Nyimba has areputation of delivering inputs early and even this season you have doneparticularly here in North-Western province. We are happy that you have delivered 100 per cent for the entire province. Your efforts as Nyimba are in line withthe president’s desire of ensuring there is food security even in the wake ofthe corona virus,” he said.

And Mr Mulendema said Nyimba was committed to supplementing government’s efforts of growing the agriculture sector hence completingthe delivery way ahead of the planting season.

For the North-Western province, he said Nyimba wa scontracted to supply 25,474 metric tonnes of fertiliser, which the company has now completed delivering.

“I want to report that we have delivered 14,908 metrictonnes of Compound D and 10,566 metric tonnes of Urea for the province whichbrings the total quantities for north western to 25, 474 metric tonnes underFISP. I am happy to report that we have completed delivering the entire quantities,” he said.

He said in some districts like Kapompo, Manyinga, Kalumbilaand Mushindamo, the storage facilities were limited and so the company has twomain sheds in Mufumbwe and Solwezi which it has stocked much of the quantities.

And provincial senior marketing Development Officer DennisMunachusa said owing to the timely delivery of inputs for the 2021/22 season,most farmers have been encouraged to make their deposits.

“So far the farmer deposits is at 58,080 out of 62,276beneficiaries. What has motivated the farmers is that all the quantities havearrived in the district,” he said.



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