ZAMBIANS must take work hard and utilising opportunities prudently in order to alleviate poverty and promote food security, the Copperbelt Cross Border and Integrated Business Association (CCBIBA) has said.

CCBIBA acting national chairman, Poster Jumbe, said Zambians must first embrace hard work and get rid of retrogressive habits of excessive beer drinking and sexual immorality.

He said poverty alleviation and food security would not be achieved, unless Zambians change their work culture and properly utilise opportunities presented to them.

“The problem is that, as Zambians we are quick to blame those in authority without taking an introspection of our work culture.  We waste time on beer drinking and sexual immorality. With this culture, no matter how many times we change government, we will continue to wallow in poverty,” Mr Jumbe said Mr Jumbe said the late first republican President Kenneth Kaunda used to preach about going back to the land but Zambians made funny of his sentiments instead of seizing the opportunity.

He said it was a waste of tim making funny of a genuine idea instead of trying it to see how it would work out.

Mr Jumbe said Zambians should think deeply about peace, unity and harmony as well as hard work in order for sustainable development to take place.

He said the only way to alleviating poverty and hunger was through hard work, discipline, humility and respect for other people.

“If you are a hard worker, God will reward you in any way, but if you are lazy; you will continue to wallow in poverty and hunger and continue to blame others for your own laziness,” he said.


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