THE Poultry Association of Zambia has attributed the high cost of stock feeds on the local markets to an increase in demand for soya beans, maize, and sunflower.

The Association further attributes the spike in the cost of stock feed to an invention of farmers from other countries who have taken advantage of the deprecation of the kwacha to buy soya beans at a cheaper price in Zambia.

Association Executive Manager Dominic Chanda observed that the problem has emanated from the primary production of stork feed from maize and soya beans.

Mr Chanda told ZANIS that soya beans and soya cake is being taken to East Africa en route to China.

“Unless the government can intervene and also put a stop to export of soya beans and also export of soya cake because in the export market our products have become cheaper and this is what is worsening the situation on the local market, “he noted.

Mr. Chanda said the Association expected a boost after increasing the output of soya beans to 38 percent production last year.

He said the government further announced an increase of 411 metric tonnes of soya beans produced this year which also represents 38 percent output.

He expressed worry as the Association anticipated stability in the prices of the soya cake and soya beans owing to the bumper harvest recorded this year.

‘’ We saw the prices increase by almost 173% which has not happened in the history of this country and it is important to start discussing the fundamental factors that are pausing the prices to go up on the market,” he observed.- ZANIS

Mr. Chanda noted that the price of soya cake has increased from K225 per 50 kg bag of soya beans to K610 per 50 Kg bag on the market.

He noted that the increase in price represents over 171% making the price of the stork feed go up as the soya cake is used to make the feed.



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