THE Livingstone high court has heard how an automated teller machine (ATM) custodian allegedly strangled his colleague to death and pocketed some cash from Absa Kalomo branch.
Jimmy Shiyanda, 28, an ATM custodian with Arm Secure Security Company, of Macrymond township Kalomo is charged with theft by servant and murder.
It is alleged that between January 25 and February 11, last year, Shiyanda stole K 425, 000 and also murdered his colleague, Nchimunya Nyimba, 32 of German Township.
The case came before Livingstone High Court Judge Chilombo Phiri.
A witness, Ken Kabwe, 38, of Chilanga, a banker in charge of security at Absa Bank, told court that on February 12, last year he was contacted by Arm Secure Security to travel to Kalomo to check on the CCTV footage.
This was after Shiyanda was reported to have gone missing with a set of keys.
Mr Kabwe testified that he travelled to Kalomo, where he met Zambia Police officers investigating the matter.
Mr Kabwe narrated to court that after meeting the Zambia police officers, he went to the bank where he viewed the CCTV footage and saw what transpired on the 11 February 2020.
He said that as per his role, he got the digital video recorder and produced a copy of the happening in a flash and secured it.
“I viewed that two ATM custodians, Jimmy and Nchimunya entering the ATM room to do their daily duties loading and balancing the ATM cash,” Mr Kabwe said.
He said while the two were still in the ATM and at about 11:35, an altercation ensued.
At the time, Nyimba, the now deceased, sat down while Shiyanda opened the ATM alone despite the protocol requiring two people to do so.
He told court that while the two were still in the ATM room, the CCTV captured them pulling each other and it seemed as though they were fighting over a phone.
He explained that the pulling did not stop even at 11:39, 11:54 and 11:59 which was the last time captured.
“At 12:10 CCTV shows that Jimmy grabbed Nchimunya with his two arms by the neck out of the ATM room,” Mr Kabwe said.
He said the footage further showed that Shiyanda continued to work normally after he had dragged his colleague out adding that at 12:56 he got the money.
Mr Kabwe told court that at 13:02, Shiyanda closed the ATM room using both sets of keys as though nothing happened.
Trial continues while the accused person remains in custody.



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