ZRA pleased with the positive response to its Amnesty on imported motor vehicles

Topsy Sikalinda, ZRA Corporate Communication Manager

The  Zambia Revenue  Authority (ZRA) says it is happy with positive response by the general public to its recent  amnesty to clear imported vehicles  since the exercise  started.

ZRA Public Relations manager Tospy Sikalinda says that the Authority is happy with the response form  the general public to  normalize there motor vehicles  across the country.

Mr Sikalinda  said the  Authority is  working  together  with Road transport and safety  agency  (RATSA), and  the international  Police (Interpol)  in the  operations in various ZRA offices across the Country.

ZANIS reports the ZRA Public Relations manager said in an interview in Lusaka today that this is to ensure that the owners of the vehicle are helped with clearing  of the  documentation for their vehicles and  are cleared.

 “ The  response has  so far been generally good more especially in Lusaka , Copperbelt  including Nakonde  border town is also doing  fine  compared to the other boarders towns the response  has not been good,’’ he said.

Once  the  Amnesty  period is over  on the  May 26 ,2021,  the Authority will not extend the amnesty  to the public and will thus impound all the  vehicles  illegally imported in the country.

 Recently, the ZRA introduced  an amnesty to the general public to clear all the   illegally imported  motor vehicles  that were imported in the Country to  legally clear their vehicles from on March 20, 2021   to May 26, 2021 as the deadline go make their records cleared. –



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