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EVERY time you look at the scripture, you will discover something beautiful. Matthews 27:15-25; Isaiah 53:3

In this season, God wants us to look at the message to do with Christ, the relationship with Him.

When we look at us today, everyone has a prison. We have so many things that are in our hearts that are denying the free entry of Jesus Christ.

We have failed to allow Jesus to work in our hearts because of envy, jealous, greediness etc. The Bible says “our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit”, but we have not allowed Him to work in us freely.

There are times when we cage ourselves, but there is only one man who can give us freedom – Jesus Christ.

If we can see from the day we became Christians to now, we will find out that we have been crucifying Jesus in so many ways who is not even on the cross but in our hearts.

We cry every day because we have failed to allow Christ to work freely in our journey of our Christianity. Today, allow Jesus to set you free from this prison.

Life is all about decision, we may deny Christ’ freedom to operate in us, but who will suffer? It is us! The Lord is ready to help us from our weakness. The purpose why He came was to set the people of God free, to set all of us free.

Jesus wants to see a new person in the heart. Are you a new person? It is not easy for a genuine Christian to be understood.

There are times when you are innocent, but you carry the cross, because the enemy wants to rejoice and to see terrible things happen to you.

The mystery about salvation is in the relationship that you have with Christ. 

No matter how good you can be in this world, the enemy will still ask for your head. That is why you need to develop a relationship with God.

In times of pain, He is your strength and pillar;  when you find yourself in a situation where no one can help you, know that one man is always with you, He guides and protects you! Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ had no one to speak for Him, there was only one man who wanted to speak for Him, but he too failed.

You need the relationship with God, you need to know how to hear God, how to talk to Him for Him to guide and protect you.

Today Christians are excited about material things, but the true meaning of life, true joy comes from above.

If you want to be a happy person, allow Jesus to give you joy. If you want to see Joy in people, you will be destroyed. You need a strong relationship with God, the giver of that joy.

Christ is not guilty. He is a free man and He is saying that I came so that you may have life, and have it in abundance. When Christ sets a person free, he is free indeed.

When you make a mistake as a child of God, when you repent and go to Christ, He will forgive you! Meaning, you are not guilty.

We have two types of Christians, there are people who can pray, but without faith and there are people who can just pray for two minutes and things happen.

There are people who can pray and fast for many days, but without faith and things don’t happen.

May this season remind you of who you are. Do not just be a man of prayer without faith.

You must know the relationship that you have with Christ. If Christ is not guilty, why are you guilty? Lead the life of Jesus Christ, lead the life of God. But never entertain certain mistakes in your life.

If you find yourself doing the same thing every day, that is not God, when you have an encounter with God, certain things die in you, certain weaknesses die.

When you find yourself doing the same thing, know that you are in the prison. And if you do not have the grace to see that you are in prison, you will never see the light.

You will only see what you want to see, but if you are a man of faith, you will know that something is threatening your life and you need to come out of it.

You need to come out of prison, it is not your place, and you have a place in the heart of Jesus.

If your heart is genuine, and all you want is to change and repent, there is no need to pray with guilt in your heart.

The mind of man is to remind you of the past mistakes. A man with a carnal mind will never speak something straight.

No matter how God will change your picture today, you still need the grace because society will still pull you down.

Satan is using your past mistakes to attack your today’s blessing. And you are also tormented in your mind.

In this season, God is looking at the heart that is ready. A child of God should not just think of himself but should think of others as well. Jesus Christ was in prison because of you and me. So we should also think of others. If you do not think of others, then you are not there.

You must ask yourself every time when you want to do something, how others will feel. Start thinking of others in your family or community.

Before you can say anything, think of others. Jesus Christ was not guilty, he came for us to be delivered.

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.  (Isaiah 53:3, ESV)

Was Christ happy that his friend left him? Who would like his or her friends to leave them? But this happened to Christ, he was mocked and tortured, even his friends left him because of you and me.

If people love you because you give them things, when you stop, will they continue loving you? Christ was in prison not because he was guilty, he was innocent. The right way to follow Christ is by loving others.

If Christ is not in prison, it is not your portion to be. He was there to redeem and save us, that is why we have this life we are enjoying today. It is time to correct things.  Let God give you the grace. Remember the right way of following Jesus is by thinking of others.

Not everyone who says Christ is born again. You see a born again through actions, that is when you can know if one knows Jesus or not!

Some people have more faith without prayer, that is dryness, you need to balance.

The higher you desire to go with your Christianity, the more dangerous it becomes.

The higher you go in faith, prayer and grace, the more dangerous it becomes.

People who know God don’t take things lightly. Begin to protect your life with the word of God and be a vessel of honor, to do what is right in the sight of God and man.

Ask God to work on your heart, in your actions, especially when you are alone. When you enter in isolation and your heart is happy, it is easy to love others..

The coming of Jesus Christ is to transform minds.

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