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HAVING been adopted by the Patriotic Front (PF) as the candidate for the Munali Parliamentary seat in the upcoming General Elections, Miles Sampa is now in complete campaign mode.

The former Mayor of Lusaka was on  hand to cheer on Chilando Chitangala who has been nominated as the Lusaka Mayoral candidate under PF. Like many other candidates, the road to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Nomination Centre were flooded by party supporters.

Matero was a hive of activities as social media’s favourite Mayor lobbied public support.

The Boba TV founder took a moment to mourn popular Lusaka food entrepreneur Twenda Sikazwe a.k.a. Chef TweTwe who passed away last week.


Before we even touch on Matero events today, Apafwile Nsofu, nelyashi libapo, lyansofu.

Just from Congratulating Hon. Prof Nkandu Luo on her pick as the Running Mate to His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Biblical story this is. Apparently she had no clue and in her mind she was at Mulungushi as one of the privilaged few Lusaka former MPs to witness the President’s nomination.

“When the ECZ Chairman called for the RM, Zumani came and asked me to go foward and had I been a BP patient, I could have collapsed at that point as I had no clue whatsoever”

Lol. The moral of the story: When God decides to lift you up, you and others will be the least to anticipate. No other individual can stop that process.

Excellent pick Your Excellency. This is a Ronaldo and Messi Combination. Unstoppable. Its a winning ticket.

Congratulations Prof Luo.

Together We Will


God of a zillion chances has remembered her once again . Favor is not fair .God chooses whom he chooses. I support the President’s decision.- MATAKALA MUYENGA

First of all congrats to her and her many achievements in her life…and congrats to the President for his bold move to pick her…Yes she has her weaknesses, but truth be told she is a courageous woman who speaks her mind without fear or favour and that is what makes me respect her… some decisions she used to make most of the ministers would not make due to the fact that it would make them unpopular, but alas she used to go through with them. That is what makes a strong leader… You might think she was deliberately being malicious, but that might have been the only way to get to the brighter side… – HENDRIX CHANDA

Kkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkkk kkkkk.She wanted to introduce Witchcraft subject at UNZA and CBU.And the Bible says, spare no Witch to live. – EVANCE KYEWE

Matero Has congratulated the Prof and assured of Full support. – LLOYD MULENGA

ou’re very right your worship, some people are just passing bad comments on her forgetting that she’s been so hardworking. – DANIEL BANDA



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