Terence Miselo                       

Writes @SunZambian

The National Association for Media Arts president Lottie Siame has praised Frank Sibbuku the producer and initiator of Mpali, a TV series on Zambezi Magic for his great work.

 Sibbuku and the Mpali team received praises  across  the country for the great performance of last episode of Mpali season three.

 “As National Association for Media Artists President allow me to take this opportunity to appreciate and congratulate Frank for his great contribution towards the film industry. Personally I have known him for quite some time now he is simple, soft spoken and down to earth,” he stated.

“His journey as a filmmaker dates way back when he was still with Muvi TV and he started as a graphics designer then sound man and graduated to a Cameraman, D.O.P, Director now Producer and Executive Producer for Mpali. “

He said Mpali is a production that has allowed almost all the actors to shine on their own time.

“If you are a keen follower of Mpali you will agree with me that there was a time for Nguzu to shine, his wives, Logic, Hambe, Cephas; Frank and many more and as we follow the story in season four we await for Jairos to shine as well,” he said.

He advised both established and upcoming Filmmakers to emulate and appreciate Frank Sibbuku for what he has done for our film industry.



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