Youth tipped on empowerment, community development




COMMUNITY leader Chrispin Chiinda has advised young people to avoid the temptation of only being Facebook advocates but instead take up active participation in community development.

The aspiring Munali Member of Parliament candidate has been undertaking engagements with various stakeholders in the community, including the youth in his bid to effect positive change and development.


Popularly known as Chris Mall, Chiindaon last month joined 6 other aspiring members of parliament in attending the Patriotic Front provincial interviews having attended the Constituency and district interviews.

Mr. Chiinda is academically qualified to be an MP according to the concourt ruling with a certified Grade 12 school certificate and diploma in law.

Mr. Chiinda remain one of the consistent and hard-working candidate who joined PF in 2014 and never rested in adding value to the party.

Mr. Chiinda has proved his loyalty to the party and has promoted the name of the party Patriotic Front and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in Munali.

He has promoted Munali community activities involving youths, women and churches. Mr. Chiinda has the desire to serve the people of Munali which has been demonstrated over the years, he joined the community in Kalikiliki to build the 1 x 2 classroom block, a bridge in Mtendere D, he worked on impassable roads, sponsored social football, these are among some of the community activities Mr. Chiinda promoted.

The provincial interviews marks the end of the adoption process interviews, what will follow will be the announcement of the PF party adopted candidate in Munali on the 17 May 2021 to face candidates from other political parties on August 12 General elections.

Chiinda recently met with young people of Chelstone and Kamanga compound who are key stakeholders when it comes to the development of the community.

Chiinda who was called upon at the request of the group stressed the need for sustainable youth empowerment in Munali constituency.

He said his desire was to see a productive youth who should embrace hard work and further pledged his total support and commitment towards entrepreneurship and skills development among young people.

“I am happy to be here with you and I want to hear from you on what it is that we can do for you because this constituency can only develop by yourselves as youth.

Bring forth your plans and let us see what we can do for one another and as your community leader, my doors shall always remain open to you at any time you need me,” Chiinda said.

Chiinda said it was time for young people to think and embrace entrepreneurship as opposed to job seeking.

“And that is why I am giving platforms to you the young people to explore and showcase your skills so that we can together create a better Munali for ourselves.

“Do not waste your time on social media doing unproductive things but use social media as a tool to make money. Do not insult your leaders on Facebook,” Chiinda added.

And Chiinda also took the opportunity to sensitize the youths on COVID-19 and the importance of adhering to the health guidelines.

Meanwhile, the youths expressed happiness that Chiinda had pledged to improve their lives through the various empowerment projects.

The group comprised of school-going children, school leavers and non-school leavers.

The yung men said they wanted to be empowered to start Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Robert Zulu from Chelston said; “We are looking forward to working with Mr Chiinda as youths and we are glad that he has offered himself to us as our leader”.

Chiinda’s meeting with the young people was part of his door to door engagements with Munalians.



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