Mr Musukwa



GOVERNMENT is ready to dialogue on various complaints on  taxation  in  the  mining sector,  Mines  and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa has said.

He said Government was ready to structure tax regime that would support international  investment  and benefit the citizens.

Mr Musukwa said the change of mining taxation policy 17 times in 21 years need for segregation and ensure that  Small  Scale miners have a separate tax  regime that promotes investment in the sector. was not in the best interest of the country and Government would address the matter.

The  minister admitted that there had been  mistrust between Government and mining houses and added  that the just-ended  Mining “Indaba” was the start  of a new chapter that  would address all  outstanding issues.

He said a technical team has been  constituted to analyze the  resolutions and come up with options that will ensure a win-win situation.

Mr Musukwa said there was “We want  to ensure that Zambians participate in the mining sector at large scale,” Mr Musukwa said.

He said Government was committed to addressing mining taxation  that  affect  investment in the sector.

He said mining  was an expensive  undertaking  that needed  huge  capital injection.

“Government, knowing that mining is key to economic development,  will ensure  there is a  win-win situation  for the players,” Mr Musukwa said. Government, he said, would create a stable and predictable mining tax  regime that would make investment in the sector thrive.

Mr Musukwa noted that  the mining sector needed  huge capital  injection and Government could not avoid international players.



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