Good Time Steel to create 2, 000 new jobs



GOOD  Time Steel (GTS) Limited will  in the next  two years create an addition 2000  jobs as part of its expansion programme across Zambia and the SADC region,  Company General Manager Jack Huang  has said.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 2021  Labour Day celebrations held in Lusaka  recently, Huang said GTS is committed to saving jobs and creating new ones  as it continues on its ambitious massive expansion programmes. Huang assured employees and  government that Good Time Steel will  continue to act  decisively  to  save jobs and ensure business  continuity, prevent layoffs  and protect vulnerable workers, despite the  negative impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.

“There is a general  slow down in business  with most operating at below capacity or closed down altogether as a result of the impact brought by the corona virus. Everyone  has been affected including Good  Time Steel. However, safeguarding our business  and workers  lives remain our biggest and utmost  important  priority, “said Huang. He added  that this year’s “We are committed to providing decent work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the work place and social protection for families” Labour Day  Theme of  “Promoting Industrialization through productivity,  decent work  and sustainable economic growth amid Covid  19,” resonates well with GTS’s agenda  for  its workers, shareholders  and the community where  it operates.

“We  are  committed to providing decent work that is productive and delivers a fair income, security in the work place  and social protection for families, better prospects  for  personal  development and social integration, freedom for people to express their concerns, organize  and  participate in the decisions  that  affect their lives, “ emphasised Huang.

And Good  Time Steel Company Human Resources Manager Brian Kapembwa said 71 employees were recognized and awarded for their hard work, discipline and diligence during the 2021  Labour Day awards, compared  to 64 the previous year.

Kapembwa said GTS will continue to  motivate  its workforce as it is an important  component capable of contributing to the country’s national development agenda as contained in Vision 2030, without leaving anyone behind.

“This  Year’s theme calls on us workers to work even harder  and increase  our productivity and  growth of Good  Time Steel  Company. Seventy one  of you  will be receiving Fridges, Smart TVs, Home  Theaters, King and queen size Beds, Bicycles among the  many  goodies we have prepared for you,” said Kapembwa.

And in a speech read on his behalf, Labour  Commissioner  Givens  Muntengwa which he said is the best motivation for  any employee. Human Resources Manager Brian Kapembwa Commended  Good  Time Steel for hosting the awards.



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