Opposition parties lack winning strategy, says analyst



OPPOSITION political parties have slim chances of winnning the elections because they have too much confusion and lack an independent and clear strategy, political analysis, David Kapoma has said,

Mr Kapoma also said the high cost of living was not a guarantee for the opposition to think that Zambians would vote out the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

He said opposition political parties should avoid the tendency of waiting for the ruling party to make mistakes as has been the case because that showed a lack of strategy on their part.

Mr Kapoma said it was this unrealistic strategy that makes the opposition have slim chances of winning the August 12, general election.

He was speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview television.

Mr Kapoma said the opposition parties stand no chance of winning the election because there was too much confusion while the ruling party remained focused.

“If you ask me this minute, chances of the opposition winning are extremely slim and I mean it, whether they want to believe me or they don’t want to believe me, that is their own baby to nurse,” he said.

Mr.Kapoma explained the opposition parties did not understand that they had a strategy to start way before the elections because their focus was election campaigns which they thought was the only way of convincing people to vote for them.

He said the opposition has a lot of work to do to win the hearts of the electorates compared to the PF because the work that they have done as the ruling party speaks for itself.

The road infrastructure development would win the PF a lot of votes especially to the people in the rural areas who have not even seen a good road before.



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