Mother narrates daughter’s defilement ordeal


Rabecca Banda 

A mother has told the Lusaka magistrates court how her 12 year old daughter informed her that three boys had sex with her.

In this case, a 17 year old male juvenile is charged with one count of defilement.

It is alleged that the that the boy on November 14,  2019 had carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16 years .

The matter came before magistrate Nsunge Chanda for continued trial.

Testifying in the matter, the mother of the girl said she sent her daughter to Katambalala market in Chipata compound on November 14 around 18:33 hours

She said she gave her daughter  K50 to send to her cousin.

She said she waited for her daughter who only arrived home around 20:30 hours.

Because her daughter did not tell her where she had been  she started beating her.

She said her mother in-law intervened and asked her to stop beating her granddaughter.

 She said the following day, she and her mother in-law left for town around 07:00 hours.

She said she left her daughter sleeping and found her sleeping when they returned home around 17:09 hours.

She said her mother in-law went into the bedroom and asked her granddaughter why she was crying.

She said she called her into the room to listen to what her daughter was narrating  to the grandmother.

She said her daughter told her that three boys had sex with her near the market on her way back home.

She said her daughter mentioned a name of boy she recognized as being part of the boys that had had sex with her.

She said she took her daughter and they went to report the matter to Chipata police station.

She said at the police they were given a medical report and told to go to University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

She said at UTH, she was told to take her daughter the following day.

She said her daughter was 12 years and in grade 6 when she was allegedly defiled.

She said her daughter was traumatized and that her private part was injured.

Under cross examination by the boys counsel, the mother said her daughter had never come home late except the day was she allegedly defiled.

Trial continues



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