Failed prison escape earns man 12 months additional jail time

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Mulenga Musonda writes

A convict serving a 5 year prison sentence for being part of a gang that robbed a company in Choma and got away with cash and other valuables worth over K350, 000 has added another 12 months to his sentence after he scaled the prison walls and briefly escaped the hardships of prison life.

In this matter Brian Phiri 40, of Lusaka’s Matero Township appeared before the Choma Magistrates Court charged with Escaping from Lawful Custody contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Phiri on February 28, 2021, being a person in lawful custody at Choma Correctional Facility escaped from such custody.

When he appeared for plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri, the accused person without hesitation pleaded guilty to the charge and explained that his actions were out of deception from someone within the Correctional Facility.

He further explained to Magistrate Phiri that after his efforts to request for a Prison transfer to Lusaka where his relatives are seemed to be falling on deaf ears, he was left with no choice but to engineer a one man prison break.

And according to the Facts stated by the State, Phiri was cornered hiding in the fields outside the Correctional Facility after he successfully scaled the wall.

Despite pleading guilty and showing remorse for his action, Magistrate Phiri slapped him with 12 months imprisonment with hard labour to be served consecutively which will take his incarceration to 6 years.

In the case that saw him get a 5 years sentence, Brian Phiri, Yona Mabala, Bright Makasa Modern Maambo, McCloud Milimo, Mike Zulu and Martin Chembe jointly and whilst acting together broke into Ludy Investments and got away with K247, 840 Cash, 1 Safe, 1 Central Processing Unit all valued at K 376,440



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