Doing what you love for a living


Hello Mwana Amai and mwana Daddy,

WHAT is it that you Love? Is it fashion, food, travel or skin care? Many times we make what we love just hobbies and not sustainable businesses.

My interest in skincare started when I was young. I struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation for a long time which lowered my self-esteem and confidence. In pursuit of a clear toned skin, I began experimenting with tonnes of products and remedies.

What I came to realise was that most products I used did not work on me and they either caused more breakouts or caused reactions.

I decided to do my own research on chemicals and ingredients used in cosmetics and their reactions on skin. While doing my research, I was also making my own remedies or concoctions. With a few trials and errors, I finally made the best mix for my skin. Not only did it clear and brightened my skin, it boosted my confidence a thousand times more.

After years of battling with my skin, I was finally at my desired skin tone. A few months in my new found confidence, a number of people close to me noticed and got interested in my products.  I made some products for a few people and they loved them.

A lot more people started to call me and that’s when I realized I could make money off this. Also the thought of doing what I love plus helping people like me who suffered with skin ailments such as severe acne and eczema get to their desired skin tone made me excited.

I called my brother and we framed up a plan, this was the beginning of Milly Beauty Products.  Our first ‘shop’ was on the streets of Kulima Tower in Lusaka, selling products from the back of the car. This was not easy at all but with much determination and marketing, we slowly started to grow.

We also made a range of new products to make sure we catered for all skin types for example those that merely wanted to maintain their complexion but have an even skin tone and those that wanted to slightly become a few shades lighter. This began as a hobby and now it’s a business with over thousands of clients and stores worldwide. This too, can be you.

The points to draw from my story are;

1. Find what you love, do it every day and become so good at it that it becomes a skill

2. Do your research; what separates you from the others is how much you know about your field or skill.

3. Start from somewhere. It can be in your house or in the back of your car, just start.

4. Vision and determination are everything and if you find someone with the same vision and determination as you then work with them but make sure to only discuss your idea or plans with people you can trust.

5. Be patient.

In conclusion, the Almighty God has put desires and talents in you. Do not bury them like the third servant in the Parable of the Talents but instead work towards multiplying them. Purge through the negative vices of this world and do what you love, who died mwana amai?

Our time on this earth is limited so enjoy every second spent mwana amai.

Thank you for reading until next time, God Bless you and your hustle.



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