Handbag snatcher awaits judgement



A GENERAL worker accused of stealing a handbag from a barmaid containing important documents will know what the future holds for him on March 29.

This is when the Choma Magistrates Court will deliver judgment in a case involving 25-year-old old Tapson Choonga, a general worker accused of theft

Choonga is appearing before Resident Magistrate Salie Kanunka on allegations that he stole a handbag containing a liquor licence, national registration card photocopy, receipts, quotations and K2, 550 cash all valued at K3, 010 from Ms Esther Kunabantu.

The alleged theft is said to have occurred on January 13, 2021 in Choma.

When the matter came up for judgment on Friday, the court informed the accused that the judgment was not ready.

Magistrate Kanunka then adjourned the matter to March 29 and assured Choonga that his fate will be known on that day.

According to the evidence on record, Detective Constable Aston Chivanga testified that Ms Kunabantu complained on January 12, 2021 to the police that, as she was closing her liquor store, Choonga, who seemed to be drunk refused to leave the premises.

He said, Choonga then grabbed Ms Kunabantu’s handbag and took to his heels, disappearing into the night.

Ms Kunabantu and people who witnessed the incident managed to track Choonga at his house in the early hours of the following day and found the documents that were in the handbag in his house.



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