Kenya: A family in Juja living in fear after a baby’s coffin was dumped at their door


Residents of Riuriro village in Juja are living in fear after one of the residents- a middle-aged woman- found a baby-sized coffin dumped at her doorstep with a warning letter attached to it.
The miniature coffin which appeared to have been made hurriedly but complete with a cross was tethered to a sisal rope.
The contents of the little coffin remain unknown as the woman’s family was too afraid to venture further.
“I walked outside to feed the chicken when I noticed the little box, I was not sure what it was or who had dropped it, it was after I ventured closer that I realized it was a coffin ” she told Inooro radio.
On top of the coffin a warning written in blue ink said “be prepared, it is your turn Faith wa Mwangi Tutakuja”
Although the intention of the act remains unclear, the middle-aged woman who lives alone believe it may be connected to people who want her to vacate the premises.



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