Life in prison for saying you’re gay in Uganda

Uganda’s parliament has passed sweeping antigay legislation that proposes tough new penalties for same-sex relationships and criminalises anyone identifying as LGBTQ.

Wife claims R800 000 after husband ‘humiliated, belittled her’ in short-lived marriage

The fact that a husband said “I do” at the altar but, a week later, while on honeymoon on an island, humiliated and belittled his wife, then, two months later, kicked her out of their house, has come back to bite him.

Chishala Kateka red cards Police

“We want to raise the red card to the UPND government and the police that there is no more room for continued abuse of people’s rights because this country is a multi-party democracy," New Heritage Party president Chishala Kateka has said 

Estranged wife gets nothing from late husband’s pension fund, while his girlfriend gets a share

An estranged wife who was separated from her husband for eight years failed to convince the court that she was the rightful beneficiary to half of an over R1 million pension fund that was to be paid out after her husband died.

Museveni says West ‘wasting time’ with gay rights push

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has accused Western countries of imposing gay rights on African nations as lawmakers in the country prepare to vote on an anti-LGBT bill.


GARY Nkombo has just breathed a new life in-to the ruling United National Party for Devel-opment (UPND) with his call to his colleagues to stop the blame game and get down to fixing things.


THE Vice-President, Mutale Nalumango, has been duped again. Yes, duped into believing lies of the availability of medicines and other medical supplies in hospitals.


For those who frequent government health facilities, it is hardly surprising that the Parliamentary Committee appointed by the Speaker to assess the supply of...

China’s Covid-19 aid

ZAMBIA has enjoyed over 50 years of cordial friendship with China and as te saying goes 'a friend in need is a friend in...

A Covid-19 Christmas

THE dreaded fourth wave has taken its toll on Christmas,  with Government now announcing new regulations. Numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases jumped from hundreds a...


JIMMY CARTER FOUNDATION SPONSORS YOUTH,WOMEN CANDIDATES IN SOUTHERN PROVINCE By ANDREW MUKOMATHE Jimmy Carter Foundation under the Advancing Women and Youths in Governance project...