Facebook addict divorced, fined K8,000


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A HUSBAND who spent most of his time on Facebook has been divorced and ordered by the Matero Local Court to compensate his wife with K8, 000.

Violet Zulu, 28, of Zingalume Compound sued her husband Abby Zulu of the same compound for divorce because had no time for her.

The two who were appearing before magistrate Miyanda Banda got married in 2016 and have a child together.

Violet told the court that her husband would not talk to her for a week or two yet he was an intercessor at church.

“We only lived well for a few months and he usually doesn’t not talk to me when I visit or call my relatives he would boycott her meals. In the bedroom and in the blankets he is always on face book, he prays and counsels people but we never have time to chat,

“In 2018 I was invited for my sister’s wedding but he did not want me to attend the ‘chilanga mulilo’ because we had a 2 month old baby. I went because I was needed. He later called my sister saying my mother wants to end our marriage, we were counselled but nothing changed,” said Violet”.

In defence Abby told the court that he wanted the marriage to end because Violet did not respect him.

“We do not get along and she does not listen to me, she only listens to what her mother says. I did not allow her to go for the other functions but I allowed her to attend the wedding but she went without my consent. One time she sat down telling our baby that she doesn’t want him to be a pastor but a policeman “.

“One time we were watching TV and she said marriage is not nice, she even denied preparing water for me to bath the following day. When I came home I found that she had left. I called for a meeting where she said she wanted to be free and she wants me to be free also,” said Abby

The court told Andy that while he used the Bible in his life, he should be able to counsel one another, adding that what was happening in their house was hypocrisy of the highest order.

“You are failing to solve your problem but you solve those involving others. Do not use the word of God in vain. There is no love and respect. You cannot stay without talking to each other,

“Technology is destroying a lot of marriages because it is being used negatively. Divorce has been granted and you will compensate your wife with K8, 000 and maintain the child with K250 each mounth,” said Magistrate Banda.


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