Barber denies pregnancy after woman refuses to abort


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A woman in Ndola has told a local court that her boyfriend denied responsibility of his second child because she refused to abort when he asked her to do that.

She said her boyfriend promised to marry her but when she was pregnant for his second child, he told her that it was not his child.

Margret Swaswa a 20 year old of lady of Twapia Township sued Michael Kabeya a 21year barber man of the same township for neglecting his children.

She told the court that she had her first born child in 2015 and that her boyfriend promised to marry and even started renting a house for her.

“When I became pregnant for the second time, he gave me money for me to have an abort but I refused,” she said.

The case was before Kabushi Local Court senior presiding magistrate Agnes Mulenga sitting with Mildred Namwizye and Evenly Nalwizya.

She said when the child was born he did not support him and said it was not his child.

Margret said the barber was the father of both her children and that he only gave her a K100 to support both children.

She said the money was not enough and that she was not managing to take care of both children.

“When I go to his barber shop to ask money for food, he only gives me a K7 to buy supershake for the baby, she said.

In his statement, Michael said he told Margret that he was married when he was in a relationship with her.

He said she did not mind and when she became pregnant, he told her family that he was only going to support the child and not marrying her.

“One day when I took requirements for the child at her house, she told me the second child was not mine and that she did not want the father of the child to find me at her house,” she said.

He said he then stopped going her house and later discovered that Margret was giving alcohol to his child and used to tell her that it was umunkoyo.

Michael said he was furious and tried to reason with her but failed since the mother worked from different bars.

In passing judgment, the court ordered Michael to support both children with K400 per month.

The court further ordered him do DNA test for him to be sure that the second child was his.


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