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JUST what’s wrong with some of these so-called men of God? Do they delight in the disgrace they are visiting upon the body of Christ through their ungodly behaviour?
We are appalled at the rate at which some pastors, apostles, bishops, priests, reverends and prophets are being arrested or dragged before courts of law for the most disgraceful offences.

Hardly a day passes without reading about a pastor involved in one form of crime or another, in one act of sexual immorality or another.
The few wicked men masquerading as servants of the Almighty God are tarnishing the reputation of genuine ministers of the gospel, which is unfair.

They are also bringing the name of the Church and, through it, God into disrepute.
If they are not appearing in court for sex related offences such as defilement of virginity damage they are in the dock for money-related crimes such as swindling unsuspecting members of the public, especially members of their tuntemba churches.
The ‘men of God’ are also dividing families and causing loss of innocent lives by fingering individuals as the witches and wizards responsible for deaths or illnesses of close family members.
Instead of just praying for those with problems these false prophets and servants of the devil are blaming close members of such people’s families as the ones responsible.
They are also preying on their trusting and often naïve congregants by either extorting money from them or sexually taking advantage of them.

In the last few days the Sun has been awash with stories of pastors involved in embarrassing scandals.
In one such case Pastor Vincent Sakala, 43, of Rivers of Hope Church, in Ndola’s Chipulukusu Township, was dragged to court by Mr Benjamin Katwamba for impregnating his daughter.
The girl had gone to seek help for a persistent headache and nose bleeding, but Pastor Sakala saw only prey in her. He pounced on her as she went to collect anointing oil from his house in the absence of his wife.

Now the court has ordered him to pay Mr Katwamba K20,000 as compensation for damaging his daughter’s virginity.
We wonder what kind of pastor this Sakala is.
In fact, his church should change its name from Rivers of Hope to ‘Torrents of Despair’.

In another story a randy pastor who impregnated a girl and later dumped her has been divorced by his wife in a local court.
The womaniser pastor told his wife he had been too scared to tell her about his infidelity.
Margaret Mwansa, 31, a hairdresser of Makeni, Lusaka, divorced Pastor Morgan Phiri, her husband of five months, at the Boma Local Court.

Mwansa told senior local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that Phiri, 42, of John Laing Township married her in December, 2018.
A week earlier we reported a case of a Zambian pastor who had conned a Danish businessman out of close to K500,000.
We also have reported cases of pastors being arrested by security wings of the government after being found with fake currency.
Are these the people who are supposed to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ?

We urge the false pastors to take off their collars and find another source of livelihood.
Your day of reckoning draweth nigh!


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