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IN the last days, the Scripture warns that, false prophets will arise and deceive many and believers who are weak and make easy targets for doctrines that may sound good but are filled with flaws.

The story of South Africa-based Congolese Prophet, Alph Lukau, who has admitted staging a ‘resurrection’ miracle and is facing law suits from a group of funeral directors in Johannesburg, is a typical example of fake prophets roaming the world today.

In a now-viral video, Mr Lukau, who runs the popular Alleluia Ministries, can be heard shouting “rise up” to a man in a coffin. The man then sits up vertically as spectators applaud. Yet all that was sham.

However according to several news reports, Alleluia Ministries has since backpedaled on Mr Lakau’s resurrection claims and insisted the man in the coffin was “already alive” when he arrived at the church in Kramerville, Sandton.

But what just got into Mr Lakau’s mind to deceive the people in the manner and style he did without his biblical conscious talking to him?

Since God has a way of exposing conmen like him, his viral stunt has now rightly attracted the wrath of several South African funeral directors who want to take to him to court for putting their business in public mockery and disgrace. Let the man get what he deserves.

Can you imagine that the so-called man of God even had the cheek to crookedly get the coffin from a funeral house, known as Kingdom Blue, and placed another funeral company, Black Phoenix, stickers on a private car, in an attempt to look credible to yet another funeral house, Kings & Queens Funeral Services, when his members arrived there to order a hearse.

We have a message for the innocent people, not only in South Africa, but the world over that they must sharpen their awareness and be alert to avoid being drawn to the many false prophets.

Those who are aware that apostasy and immorality go hand in hand will agree there is a growing number of self-claimed prophets’ today advocating immorality, free sex and multiple wives.

We see it over and over again even in Zambia where some prophets or pastors have been reported to be engaging in shocking immorality with members of their flock.

Eminent evangelists, preaching easy-believe-ism or a health-and-wealth gospel, have sometimes been exposed as leading double lives. They claim to be prophets and yet they live in sin.

These are false teachers whose motive is simply to use and manipulate their followers because they themselves are covetous.

The warning therefore to many church goers is for them to remain alert as the world fills up with religious fakes and avoid being caught up in counterfeit Christianity.


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