Youth caught in steamy sexual act with step-mother


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A YOUTH stunned a local court when he admitted having sex with his step-mother as revenge on his father, who had divorced his mother.

John Mundashe, 26, said it pained him that his father abandoned his mother who was now suffering and got married to a young woman.

He said as revenge, he started having sex with his step-mother Nelia Mulenga, who was only two years older than him.

John told the court that his step-mother was young and beautiful, hence he got attracted and she too was happy with him that she allowed him to jump into her matrimonial bed.

His distressed father, Chileshe Mundashe 40, narrated in court that he found his son and his wife in a steamy sexual act on the matrimonial bed.

Mr Mundashe of Chipulukusu township had sued his wife Nelia for divorce for sleeping with his first born in the same household.

The case came before Mapalo Local Court presiding magistrate Chileshe Nsofu.

Mr Mundashe narrated before the local court that he married Nelia in 2017 and the two had one child together.

He said he lived with his three other children he had from his first wife and that the eldest was 26-year-old John.

Mr Mundashe said all his three children respected their new mother and had a good relationship with her as they never gave her problems in the house.

He said he had noticed that his wife stated behaving strangely and that she did not like making love with him frequently as she did before.

He told the court that his wife was always making excuses in order not to spend time with him.

“I suspected she was seeing another man but I could not figure out who the man was as she spent most of her time home and did not have many friends. So she never leaves home,” he said.

Mr Mundashe said one day he came back home around 10:00 hours from work as he was not feeling too well.

To his utter shock, he found his wife and his son in his bedroom busy having sex on his bed.

In her defence, Nelia said her husband never treated her right and that he was never there for her whenever she needed him.

She said his son cared for her more and added that her husband was not man enough.

The local court dissolved the marriage on grounds that the woman had no moral values and that there was no love in the marriage.

He said the John should find a home of his own to avoid bringing trouble for his father since all he wanted was revenge.

He ordered Nelia to compensate Mr Mundashe with K3,000 in monthly instalments of K300.


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