FAZ lower leagues in quandary


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THE indefinite postponement of games for divisions 1 and 2 leagues by FAZ has left many teams in a quandary as some of them had already
made plans and budgets to fulfil them.
Division two Lusaka Tigers FC chairman Colonel Teddy Njobvu lamented that the continued postponing of league matches by FAZ was not
good for teams like his which had already made plans and budgets for them.
He said the Club had already made plans and budgets but postponing games was disturbing their game plans for the season.
FAZ division two, Konkola Mine Police FC president Gideon Mwenya said that the postponing of the league games was very disturbing on their
part especially after preparing the team and planning for expenses.
“It is quiet disturbing especially after preparing the team and expenses; it leaves us in a dilemma as we don’t know what is next and this just
shows lack of planning and consultation on the part of FAZ,
“FAZ are the custodian of football in Zambia, how did they arrive at such a decision with half-baked information especially from stakeholders,”
he wondered
In a statement on Thursday FAZ announced that it had had postponed all week two matches for lower leagues matches in divisions 2 and 3.
“We wish to inform you that your week two league matches have been postponed to a later date to be advised,’’ read the statement from the
league department.
FAZ deputy general secretary Joseph Chimpampwe explained that the postponing of the league matches was done in reaction to concerns by
majority of lower league teams over the costs involved in the transitional league.
“We are merely reacting to the lower league teams who complained to us on account of it being costly on their part and suggested that that
the lower league’s too be restricted into streams like has been done to the super league,’’ he said.
The issue of division one and two league had gone back to the league restructuring committee and soon FAZ would be issuing a statement to
that effect.


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