Petra Kvitova: Tennis star tells court of knife attack horror


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Australian Open finalist Petra Kvitova has testified at the trial of the man accused of stabbing her in her home in the Czech Republic.

The tennis star suffered damage to ligaments and tendons in her playing left hand when fighting off an intruder in December 2016.

Kvitova had surgery for her injuries and returned to tennis five months after the attack.

She testified via video-link to avoid being in the same room as the suspect.

In a graphic account of the attack, Kvitova said the suspect had entered her home under the pretence of checking the boiler before holding a knife to her throat.

In a struggle to free herself, the knife badly injured her left hand.

“I was screaming, of course, there was blood all over the place,” she said.

The suspect, 33-year-old Radim Zondra, faces 12 years in prison if convicted


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