Faeces ‘greet’ head teacher!


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A CHIRUNDU head teacher got more than he bargained for when he reported for duty on Monday and found a bag of faeces tied to his office door, a move that forced the teaching staff to boycott classes.

Chief Chipepo, who eventually opened the bag at Nkandabwe primary school, told The Lusaka Sun in an exclusive interview the incident was shocking and advised teachers and parents to co-exist.

He advised teachers and parents in the area to have a good relationship, always be truthful and tolerant to each other.

The chief has however denied allegations that the incident was connected to witchcraft saying there were no such practices in his chiefdom.

The chief said the human fecal matter in a black plastic bag tied at the head teacher’s office door was shocking and consequently forced teaching staff to boycott classes after the chief and his entourage rushed to the scene.

Chief Chipepo narrated that he prayed before untying the plastic bag and nothing bad happened.

He said after investigations and a closed door meeting it was discovered that the school headteacher had quarreled with two parents in Nkandabwe village for unknown reasons.

 The two parents however denied their involvement in the matter.

The chief later confirmed that the matter had been resolved and harmony had since been restored.

He has advised teachers to be very patient and tolerant when dealing with parents concerning school issues.

He said teachers must not play tricks of alleging that there was witchcraft in the area when they wanted to be transferred.

Recently, senior Ministry of Health officials in Gwembe also accused some staff at Munyumbwe Clinic, situated a few kilometres from Nkandabwe primary school, of faking reports of a female ghost appearing at the rural health centre as an excuse to seek transfers.

Meanwhile, Chief Chipepo has told The Sun in Chirundu that parents in the chiefdom were encouraged to enroll their children in schools to access quality education.

He said that education was the only way to develop and enrich the area because it would then have its own teachers, doctors, engineers among others.

The chief also sternly warned of grave punishment against parents marrying off their young children, charging that the practice had negative effects on the girl child and the chiefdom at large.


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