Frank Bwalya fears for fr Athnony Salangeta


SOCIALIST Party (SP) Spokesperson Frank Bwalya Mr Bwalya has advised Chawama Parish Catholic Priest Fr Anthony Salangeta to be careful following his criticism of government over the hardships Zambians are facing because high-ranking government and UPND officials are not happy with his message of truth.

Mr Bwalya, a former Catholic priest said that Fr Salangeta did a great job for speaking for the poor in society who were languishing due to the economic challenges in the country caused by the UPND government.

Mr Bwalya said it was clear that the UPND government was not happy with  both Fr Salangeta and his message and should therefore be alert because he had stepped on a raw nerve of those governing the country.

He said it was safer for Fr Salangeta to begin watching over his shoulder because some government and party functionaries were not happy that the Cleric criticized President Hakainde Hichilema for using graphical representation to expound his achievements in the two years he has been in power.

“Well done for the job well done for speaking for the less privileged in society and you should continue with the good work as you have told the government to work on the needs of the people of Zambia, and we are sure that you will not be afraid or intimidated,” he said.

Mr Bwalya fears that some overzealous UPND functionaries who were expressing anger against Fr Salangeta could be planning to harm the Catholic priest because, according to him, the new dawn had become averse to divergent views.

Fr Salangeta challenged President Hichilema not to show Zambians graphs which he presented during a press briefing but to deal with the hardships the country was going through.

Mr Bwalya hailed him for his courage and taking the bull by its horns for the sake of the poor in society.

He said that the clergy had gotten the spirits of Dennis Dejong, Bishop Paul Duffy and Father Miha Dravensek who were inspirational in the fight for justice for the people.

Mr Bwalya urged the clergy to remain steadfast and not to fear but continue working because that was the duty God had given him.

He said Father Salangeta was spot on over the issue of graphs needed to be given to people that were educated and not the masses whose only concern was to be given food.


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