Council halts Copper smelter for non-compliance to procedure



Kasempa Town Council has with immediate effect stopped the construction of a copper smelting plant in Nselauke for breaching laid down procedures.

The Council Secretary, Everty Ng’andu has announced the halting of the construction of the Copper smelter because the construction had not been approved and sanctioned by the local authority.

The Kasempa administration comprising Mr Ng’andu, the District Commissioner Hyden Songezha and his Administrative Officer Francis Makanga as well as the district security wings yesterday made an impromptu toured of the site and found construction going on without the knowledge or approval of the Council.

Mr Ng’andu ordered that the works be immediately stopped and advised owners of the smelter to follow procedure before embarking on projects that needed the local authority approval.

 Mr Ng’andu warned the owners of the project that they risk being prosecuted for breaching the laws of the country.

He said while the development was valued and beneficial to the local people, it was important that those putting up investment in the district should adhere to the laws of the land.

Mr Ng’andu said it was regrettable that the construction of the copper smelter had to be stopped but that he had been left with no option but to halt the development because the local authority was not informed about the project.

He said the works lacked approval from the Council and the Provincial Planning Authority and could not therefore be allowed to continue.

Mr Ng’andu said the company had gone ahead clearing the site before the Council approved the conversion of the land neither nor having their building plan approved contrary to Section 49 of the Urban and Regional Planning Act Number 3 of 2015.

“In view of the above, my office wishes to advise you to halt all constructions and clearing of the site until all procedures are followed,” he said.

He said works of such magnitude needed to take into consideration numerous factors such as guidance from ZEMA among other stakeholders.

Mr Ng’andu said the company has not produced any Environmental Project Brief, Building Plans and other procedural documents.


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