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If you’ve sent me a message like this before, I’ve probably ignored you and you feel I am a selfish person who picks who I want to help or sponsor. Here’s my response…

Take for instance where you come from, say Chawama, Dambwa North or Masala. How many massively talented people do you know?

Also in one day. How many people do you think inbox me with a similar request? Whatever number you imagine multiply that by a week, a month or even a year. Hypothetically if a budget for helping one person is K2,000 for instance and I did manage to help all those making such a request. How much will I need to spend? It’s unrealistic right?


1. The world pays attention to confident people regardless where you’re from or what you have.

Do you guys remember the quality of the early pictures and videos of Mulaza Kaira compared to the guy he was beefing with from Lusaka? What about the amount of confidence he had? 

The confidence was over the moon. So the confidence coupled with the talent is probably the reason why Mulaza went on to become one of the biggest and influential artists in the history of Zambian Music. 

Even some promoters and A-List artists that may have ignored his messages before started looking for his number and started featuring him on their shows (So learn your craft, improve and deliver with confidence)

2. You need to make the first step and show people what you’ve got. 

There are stories of how Roberto and Drimz used to walk to ZNBC from town to follow IK for interviews.

 Mampi used to walk from Chilenje to Romaside just so she could get a recording deal from TK. 

I know dynamics have changed but the point is the first step to show what you’ve got and willing to sacrifice will always give people confidence to assist you or push you further.

Not so long ago. A kid from the Copperbelt made me listen to his song and I thought he was great but lacked exposure so I organized a video shoot for him in Lusaka with everything from clothes to what he needed for the shoot to be successful.

 Other artists just got an invite for my TV interviews because I understand what level of exposure my show gives and others I post them on my socials.

 I do all this because someone has showed me and made me believe in their talent.

Young Kings and Queens you owe yourselves success. Nobody owes you exposure or blowing up.

 Everybody is busy pushing files in one way or another. You must push and build yourself everyday.

Dj Showstar

Media Personality


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