RDA urged to work on roads in Ikelenge District


RDA urged to work on roads in Ikelenge District

IKELENGE  District  commissioner Paul Masuwa of North-western province has advised the Road Development Agency (RDA) to work on the road network in the areas central business district and  the social economically important Kaleni- Jimbe road.

Mr Masuwa says the road network in the area’s CBD is in a deplorable state and impassable adding that the status quo has affected the social-economic well-being in the area.

Speaking during a spot check on the state of the roads, the District Commissioner said the road is an important road as it is the one which leads to the only big hospital in the district. ” I know our new dawn government under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema has the plan and desire to develop Ikelenge district and upgrade all these roads into bituminous standards,” he said.

Mr  Masuwa said the what we are asking is an urgent repair of the road to enable our people to have access to the hospital and the market.

He advised the Road Development Agency (RDA) to quickly in  and work on the road before its completely washed away by the heavy rains.

Efforts to get RDA Acting Director for Communication and Public Relations Anthony Mulowa proved futile by broadcast time as he was unreachable on his mobile phone.

And Ikelenge Town Council Secretary Trophius Kufanga said the social economically important Kaleni- Jimbe road needs urgent repair as it is on the  verge of collapsing thereby completely cutting  off  Kaleni, Nyakaseya and Jimbe communities, respectively.

Mr Kufanga said as  the said road is under the jurisdiction of RDA , he is making an earnest appeal to the  Agency to quickly to come to the aid of  Ikelenge community.

And speaking on her resident’s behalf, Mevis Samakesa said  the travelling public finds it challenging to transport their produce to the market due to the state of the road.

Ms Samakesa , herself a farmer, said most of vehicles are failing to go there due to the bad state of the  road adding that those accessing the road are charging abnormal prices.

She appealed to the new dawn government to address the state of roads in the area. – ZANIS



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