MOOMBA MP urges residents to trust new dawn government


MOOMBA MP urges residents to trust new dawn government


MOOMBA Member of Parliament in Monze District, Fred Chaatila has urged residents in his constituency to have faith in the new dawn government in delivering development in the area.

Mr Chaatali has charged that the UPND government was aware of the challenges people in Monze district were faced with.

He said that the New Dawn government was committed to ensuring that it delivers on its campaign promises.

“We took our time to explain the reason for delayed FRA payments for the maize the farmers supplied and also the delayed delivery of farming inputs,” he said.

He said that people should appreciate  the UPND government’s commitment in ensuring that there is equity in the sharing of national resources such as the fertilizer they were yet to receive.

He was speaking during a thanksgiving meeting in Mwanza central ward over the weekend.

‘We explained among other things that the UPND government promised its people, such as the abolition of school fees. Also our people appreciated the increased amount of CDF and we emphasized the need of transparency in the process and handling of CDF that will enhance the delivery of community  based projects women and youth empowerment and bursary  for our school going children.,” he said.

“We thank our people of Mwanza Central Ward for turning up in   numbers to appreciate the UPND government. Our commitment is to serve them,” he added.

The MP was accompanied by the area ward councillor Clement Hamakala and his Chona ward counterpart Goodfellow Munodimbwe.



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