ZNBS invest over K40 million


ZNBS invest over K40 million
OVER K40 million has been invested by the Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) in its core banking systems which are meant to improve service delivery, as it celebrates customer week.
The investment is a continuous process which will also lead to the Society rolling out its internet banking platform by end of December this year, according to the ZNBS Managing Director, Mildred Mutesa.
Ms Mutesa stated that ZNBS had over the years been investing in its core banking platforms with the current investment standing at over K40 million.
“This is a continuous process, we have already invested not just in the internet banking platform, but also the core banking system.
“We have invested and currently we are sitting at over K40 million and that is showing our commitment to saying technology is what we need to serve our customers, ” she said yesterday in Lusaka during the celebration of customer week service.
The investment, she indicated, showed how the society valued its customers to ensure that it put in place channels that are able to support their banking experience.
Ms Mutesa also said ZNBS would by the end of this year roll out its internet banking platform.
“We are working with the timeline of end of this year, we are expecting that we should be able to roll out by close of December, our internet banking platform. This is very important because at least our customers will be able to transfer funds to another bank, pay suppliers among others,” she said.
She further said ZNBS would next year start issuing out instant card to its customers.
On the customer service week, Ms Mutesa said ZNBS had embarked on a journey to improve their banking experience.
She explained that the society was keen to ensure they met their needs.
“We have reduced the interest rates to 21 percent from 24 percent on mortgages to support our customers and we also have a 25 percent discount on all building material loans with our partners.
“So for us we are celebrating our customers in a big way such as the Bwela Timamge mortgage promotion and by enhancing their customer experience with ZNBS,” Ms Mutesa said.



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