John Kombe writes

Grade 9 pupils at Chongwe primary school in Chongwe central have complained about constant disturbances, alleging that the school authorities were disturbing classes demanding for school fees.

A grade 9 boy pupil at the school alleged that the school head teacher was disturbing them during classes demanding for school fees. He disclosed that he had paid for all the terms except for the second term of this year.

He said that his parents told him that they were waiting for the government’s direction on its promise of free education. He said that it was not right to disturb examination classes that were already behind due to unplanned Covid-19 related closures. He argued that the learning did not even go halfway in the school terms that were paid for.

Another pupil at the school said that his parents were still. He said that the school authorities were overdoing it and must be considerate of the prevailing economic hardships. He said that his parents would soon pay the outstanding fees. He hoped that the issue of free education would be implemented soon so that he can learn with a free mind.

He therefore appealed to the school authorities to be lenient on the examination classes who could not afford being pulled out of classes during lessons.

He however admitted that the head teacher was not chasing them. He noted that the brief disturbances were not good especially that the examinations were just around the corner.

And a parent of Libuko village who sought anonymity insisted that the government must state it’s position on its promise of free education.

“We cannot blame the school authorities for asking for school fees. They have not been guided and as parents are also waiting for guidance. We voted for free education and that is what we expect. The government must tell us if they have changed their position,” she insisted.

Meanwhile efforts to get a comment from the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Jobbicks kalumba proved futile as his phone constantly went unanswered by press time.



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