President Lungu



IT is shameful that the UPND decided to reward former President Edgar Lungu with disrespectful behaviour by booing him in the presence of foreign dignitaries, even after peacefully handing over power, Evangelical Youth Alliance Executive Director, Moses Lungu has said.

Reverend Lungu said the booing of former President Lungu during the inauguration ceremony of Mr Hakainde Hichilema on Tuesday, has not only embarrassed the country but also set a bad precedence for future elections.

He said the behaviour by the UPND at the inauguration ceremony had the potential to threaten the peace of the country and therefore those who sponsored youths to boo the former president should be ashamed of their unreasonable actions.  

Rev Lungu said Mr Lungu was a very humble and God-fearing man who led Zambia to prosperity especially in infrastructure development, adding that very soon the former Head of state will be exonerated and vindicated by his critics. 

“Between causing civil divisions and peace in the country, President Lungu chose peace by accepting defeat and handing over power to Mr Hichilema, therefore we are surprised that the UPND decided to humiliate him in the eyes of the world,” said Rev Lungu. 

He also said that those behind the booing should remember that he had all the reasons to refuse to hand over power if he so wished but he chose peace for the sake of the nation. 

“The country should be grateful to the outgoing President because if he had wanted, he would have not accepted to hand over power following what transpired during the election in some parts of the country where it was alleged that agents of the Patriotic Front where chased from polling stations,” he said. 

He said it’s sad that the young generation has taken a route of disrespecting elders and President Lungu in particular at a time the country should be moving together in unity and harmony towards building a peaceful and prosperous Zambia. 

Rev Lungu said President Lungu is a statesman who during his time in office, did a lot for the country and therefore to see him being booed has disturbed a lot of people especially those citizens who support him.


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