Kalumbila man nabbed for firing toy gun

 A 37-year-old man of Kajimina village in Mukumbi chiefdom of Kalumbila district, Northwestern province has been arrested and charged with conduct likely to cause the breach of peace after he fired an airsoft G1 toy gun.

Northwestern Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase confirmed the arrest of Kingston Kalubenyi in a press statement today.

Mr. Njase said the incident occurred on 5 August 2021 at around 21:50 hours at Pretoria bar in Lumwana East area in Kalumbila district.

“The matter was reported on 5 August 2021 at 22:00hours by male Shadrick Nawezhi aged 29-years-old of Lumwana East area that male Kingston Kalubenyi aged 37 years of Kajimina village, Mukumbi chiefdom in Kalumbila district that was found with a toy gun namely Air soft G1 black in colour whilst drinking at Pretoria bar, Lumwana East area in Kalumbila district,” he said.

He said the accused person kept on cocking the said toy pistol and firing it in the air which alarmed the situation.

Mr. Njase said the situation prompted Shadrick Nawezhi, a United Party for National Development (UPND) campaign manager for Lumwana East to organise some people, who apprehended the accused and took him to Kakaindu police post.

He stated that at the police station, the accused was searched and detained in police custody for the offence of conduct likely to cause the breach of peace

“Police investigations revealed that the accused did not point the said toy gun at anybody to cause alarm, fear and harm. Furthermore, when the accused was interviewed, he said he is neither a Patriotic Front member nor UPND member but a sympathiser of the Socialist Party which is contrary to what is circulating on social media,” Mr. Njase said.

He said Kalubenyi has since been officially charged and arrested for the subject offence and will appear in court soon.




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