Music should not be free- Nexus



Nexus Music Entertainment has reaffirmed its stance on making music a monetary venture for artistes saying it costs money to make it.

Adding to the debate sparked by one veteran music critic and analyst Sanga Tembowho has called on big artistes in Zambia to emphasise on selling music rather than giving it for free , Nexus management said that people need to realise that it costs money to make music and that artistes have bills like everyone else.

” Music should never be free. It costs money to make music and artistes have bills like everyone else,” Nexus Music stated on its Facebook page.

” It’s important that people understand that this is the only way to grow the music industry in Zambia.”

Nexus Music urged other music players to also monetize music like they do.

” Here at Nexus Music, we monetize our music and we urge other music labels to do so. We believe that in the long run, Zambians will appreciate and support Zambian music by streaming on major platforms like Spotify,   Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.”

Nexus insisted that as a label, it supports local music streaming platform, which helps sell music digitally.



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