Mulenga Musonda writes

 A 31 years old Prisoner who could not endure a life without alcohol in a Choma prison will serve 12 more months after escaping from the Correctional Facility and only to be apprehended from a Tavern imbibing a local spirit commonly known as Tujilijili.

In this matter, Weaver Kafuno drank his lungs out and could not walk or identify the officers who apprehended him after he failed to live and lead a life of reformation in prison without a pint or tot of alcohol.

This was in a case in which Kafuno appeared before the Choma Magistrates Court charged with Escaping from Lawful Custody contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that Kafuno on June 27, 2021 escaped from Choma Sibanyati Prison Farm.

When he appeared for plea before Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Mungala,  the accused person without taking much of the court’s time pleaded guilty  to the offence.

According to the Facts stated by the prosecution, Kafuno was apprehended in a drunken state by police officers at a named Bar.

This was after the officers received information that Kafuno was spotted in the community before his prison term could come to an end and was a regular patron at a named Tavern.

Kafuno admitted that the statement read to him was a correct reflection of the events that led to his apprehension; he begged the court to exercise maximum lenience saying he did not know what got into him.

Magistrate Mungala slapped Kafuno with 12 months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from date of arrest.


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