Natsave set to launch digital app


NATSAVE will launch a digital App in the second half of the financial year meant to enhance the digital platform services.

The digital App is currently in its final testing, says Malcom Chabala who is Natsave Chief Executive Officer.
Mr Chabala emphasised that the App would en-hance the Banks’ existing digital platform.

“Our digital facilities are up and running in terms of the digital App, we are at a very advanced stage at the moment we are doing the final testing to ensure that we roll that out. “But rest assured that our customers are still able to access the services that we offer through ATMs and mobile banking.

Within this second half of the financial year, we should have our App up and running,” he said in an interview.

Natsave, Mr Chabala explained, had embarked on an aggressive digitalisa-tion programme.

He emphasised that the bank was implementing various digital solution ranging from Small and Me-dium Enterprises (SMEs), corporates and individuals.“This did not start due to Covid-19 but it is a strategic objective that we have been executing around digitising our services.

“This is to ensure that we make the life of our customers as easy as possible in terms of accessing services so in our digitalisation programme, we have catered for the various customer service,” Mr Chabala said.
He also said Covid-19 had in a way helped the financial sector to acceler-ate the implementation of those digital facilities.

He indicated that these facilities were contributing to the prevention of the spreading of the Covid-19 virus through reducing the number of time customers physically visited the branches for transactions.
“So we are implementing solutions on all those areas that I have mentioned for different kind of customer services,” he said.

“We encourage our customers to use our mobile banking and use internet banking and ATMs to access those services.”



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