…. The people of Lunte district will show their love to President Lungu in the ballot box says Lunte PF District Chairman

Friday June 11, 2021 (SMART EAGLES)

President Edgar Lungu will not be put to shame during the August 12 general elections in Lunte district, says Lunte District Chairman Charles Kapembwa.

Mr. Kapembwa says the people of Lunte will show their extreme love for President Lungu in the ballot box saying he will not to struggle in getting votes because of what he has done in the new district.

The Lunte PF District Chairman said this when he had a series of meetings with ward committees and ward candidates in Nchelenje, Kasanshi, Chewe and Kalumgwishi wards today.

“It is clear that President Lungu and his running mate Professor Nkandu Luo as well as all adopted candidates on the PF ticket will win during the August polls. But this should not relax us at all. Let’s continue working so hard so that we deliver this year’s elections. That is why we are meeting you ward Chairpersons because you are the campaign managers in your respective wards. The people can see what the PF government has done,” he said.

“You also have a duty to ensure that even those who may have different opinions are reached so that we deliver 100% votes here in Lunte for the President and the PF candidates. In the last four years or so that Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has been MP here, you have seen what has been done compared to the previous MPs.”

And Lunte District Campaign Manager Victor Bwalya call for unity of purpose among the ward officials as this will help the party in maximizing the votes for the PF candidates.

Lunte Constituency Chairman Silvester Kaoma Maselino was also part of the meetings.




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